How Sweet the Bitter

  Bitter “Kas” soda is back in stock for the summer season.  Never had bitter Kas before?  Think of the classic Italian liqueur “Campari” taste without the alcohol.  Try the bitter soda in a glass with ice and a squeeze of lime or slice of orange, for a refreshing not too sweet beverage.  Make that refreshing drink a bit more adult with a nice pour of gin added to the mix.  Perfect Bitter Kas cocktail recipe below.

Recipe for two drinks

Two glasses filled with ice
1 large lime or two slices of an orange
1 200ml bottle of bitter Kas
1.5 ounces of gin to each glass

Squeeze 1/2 of lime or place one orange slice into each glass with ice.  Next, pour in gin and then pour half of the soda bottle into each glass.  Give the glass a quick stir and enjoy!

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