Mustapha’s Moroccan harissa and lemons are back in stock!

It’s terrible when you fall in love with a product and then it disappears. That’s what happened to me with Mustapha’s Moroccan food line. They have amazing preserved lemons and fantastic harissa. These were things that had worked their way into my usual food repertoire when I suddenly found myself without. Well, goodbye clouds and hello bright sunny day because Mustapha’s Moroccan products are back in stock!

Harissa from Morocco
Harissa is a condiment and an ingredient. The recipe varies from chef to chef. In a nutshell, it is a spicy chili sauce. You can marinate olives in it or add it to a carrot salad. Try it as an after thought for a chicken with preserved lemon tagine. Adds pizzazz to couscous. It is made from hot peppers, bell pepper, preserved lemons, tomatoes, garlic, spices, vegetable oil, and salt. Now you see why I love it so? Mustapha’s Harissa, 10 oz. $9.99

Preserved Lemons from Morocco
We have customers who are completely aware that they can make their own preserved lemons, but that doesn’t help them with the recipe they need to make today. That’s where these preserved lemons enter. A lot of recipes call for using an entire lemon but you can cut these as you wish. I made a sauce using preserved lemons, coriander, cumin, purple olives, and onion for a fish tagine once. Incredible!
Mustapha’s Preserved Lemons, 5.6 oz. $9.99



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3 Responses to Mustapha’s Moroccan harissa and lemons are back in stock!

  1. Jimbo says:



    (put the kids to bed, its Harissa time!)

  2. MARINA says:

    So exactly how do you know the harissa is back in stock?
    Even his own site isn’t selling it.

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