Introducing Besitos and Grillers Chorizo Sausages…

I have posted in the past about my intense love for the power of cured meat.  What was a small hobby is now an obsession.  My free time for the last few years has been spent researching cured meats, procuring, and building my own equipment, along with producing a good amount of product.  In my opinion all this time has been well spent.  Close family and friends who have benefited from the work would agree with my analysis.

Recently a good friend and fellow cured-meat maker received some much deserved press regarding her Spanish-style chorizo.  I am of course talking about Leslie Horne, owner and maker of Aurelia’s chorizo.  Leslie recently got some well deserved credit from chef Bobby Flay on his “open sky” account.  The chef raved about her chorizo and the fact that Leslie does her sausage making the right way.  Those of us who have tried Aurelia’s chorizo know exactly what chef Flay is talking about.  Wonderful texture, taste, and consistency are hallmarks of all the products produced under the Aurelia’s brand.

Starting in September, The Spanish Table in Santa Fe will start carrying two new products from Aurelia’s chorizo.  First off, we have the “Besitos,” semi-cured cocktail-sized chorizos.  They are seasoned well with smoked paprika and garlic. These tapa-sized chorizos are wonderful cooked in a saute pan or on the grill.  Leslie recommends deglazing your saute pan with  some Amontillado sherry and then adding a bit of brown sugar to the mix.  The combination of spicy, sweet, and smokey makes for a memorable treat.  The second new product to TST are the Aurelia’s “Grillers” chorizo.  Similar in taste and texture to the Besitos, but made into a full link size of sausage.  As the name denotes putting these chorizos on the grill works very well.  I have also found that the chorizo makes an excellent addition to paella.  The fact is just about anyway you prepare the “Grillers” will produce tasty results.

Cheers, Rob@TST

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