Thumbs Up List

Here is a quick list of some new items that just arrived in the store.  The items I chose are awesome and they deserve some proper attention.

Juniper Berries:
My first capicola just got dropped into a curing mixture that included juniper berries.  The capicola should be ready to slice and eat in a couple of months.  If you are not interested in curing Italian style pig products, I also recommend using the berries in a brine mixture of lemons, fresh thyme, tellicherry peppercorns, and garlic.  Perfect for when you want to grill a chicken split in half or extra thick cut pork chops.

Pink Peppercorns:
Try a combination of fresh horseradish, garlic, fresh rosemary, and crushed pink and tellicherry peppercorns next time you want to roast or grill a prime rib or whole beef tenderloin.  Pair the meat with a nice iceberg wedge covered in a homemade blue cheese dressing made with Spanish Cabrales.  You are not alive if this does not make you hungry.

Szechwan Peppercorns:
These peppercorns are wonderfully fragrant with a low level spiciness.  I will be modifying a lovely terrine recipe from the “Fat” cookbook that will include these tasty peppercorns.  The terrine will accompany some duck confit in my version of a Bahn Mi sandwich.

Young Walnut Preserve by Noyan:
These sticky little walnuts work well with savory or sweet applications.  Slice them up and pair with a piece young Manchego cheese or serve with some jamon serrano.  I like to save the syrup from the jar and use it to make homemade ice cream.  Just find an ice cream recipe that calls for using maple syrup and swap it out for the syrup in the walnut jar.  Chop up the walnuts and drop them in the ice cream mixture as well.

Cune Rosada:
Throw away all of your negative preconceptions about pink wine.  Cune rosada makes for an excellent summer wine that would pair nicely with some brined and grilled chicken or an extra thick pork chop.  Go to and order this wonderful wine while you still can New Mexico residents.  The mail order wine ban in New Mexico for out-of-state retailers will probably not go into effect until June.  If you would like some nice reading about the new wine laws that I completely oppose please check out this link and let your voice be heard  Please notice that there is a chance to contact your state Rep. at the end of this article.  Take advantage!

Cheers, Rob@TST

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