Eggs, Easter, and Cava

Order this wonderful wine while you still can!


If you are anything like me, which I am sure you are, you will be making some hard-boiled eggs this weekend for Easter.  Coloring the eggs is just one of those traditions I look forward to every year.  After my wife and her family giggle for a while with each new color-combination, we get serious and start thinking about how we will consume our new beautiful and tasty creations.

Browsing through the The Spanish Table cookbook I found a bit of inspiration for my eggy preparations.  Steve Winston has a whole section in his cookbook dedicated to the Easter Brunch.  With eggs in hand, I decided on the Egg Yolk-Romesco Montaditos recipe for this Sunday’s brunch menu.  How could you go wrong with a mixture of egg, alioli, romesco, and olives topped on a crusty piece of baguette?  Figuring this is Easter, a nice plate of Jamon Serrano will be placed next to montaditos.  Easter just would not be the same to me without a bit of ham involved.

For the perfect compliment to your Easter fare drink-wise,  try a nice bottle of Cava from The Spanish Table Website.  The New Mexcio state law has changed for the worse and sooner than later residents of our state will no longer be able to order wine from retailers out of state.  With that said, I went ahead and ordered a case of Barcino Brut Cava from our Berkeley store, which is available on the TST wine website.  This sparkling wine will pair perfectly with my small Easter bites and set the tone for all of Santa Fe’s perfect summer evenings ahead.  Few things are better than a glass of Cava at dusk in old Santa Fe.

Egg Yolk-Romesco Montaditos Recipe as follows:

12     Hard-boiled egg yolks
1/4   Romesco Sauce, Ferrer brand works well for me
1/2   Cup Alioli, Ferrer also makes a tasty version as well
pinch  Salt
grind   Black Pepper to taste
24 Slices   Small Baguette
24   Ripe Olives pitted
2 Tablespoons   Minced Parsley

In a large mortar, mash the yolks, romesco, and alioli into a paste.  Cover each of the bread slices with this mixture.  Top with an olive and minced parsley.

Cheers, Rob@TST

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