Do It Yourself Chorizo

My curing Chamber, Bresaola far left, Chrorizo, Mystery Salami, Tuscan style salami

On my past blogs you might have noticed I enjoy my animal protein.  My passion for all things meat has lead me to making my own cured meats at home.  In the last few years an entire culture of at-home sausage and cured meat makers have emerged in the U.S.  If you search the internet one will encounter a vast amount of websites and blogs discussing the topic.  Access to wonderful books on the subject are also easily available with minimal research involved.  An excellent Rob approved website to help with your at home sausage adventures is .  The site offers all the info you need to start up your rewarding new hobby.

In most of my meat making projects I have been able to source a lot of products from my work here at The Spanish Table.  Not only do I get a chance to try a variety of cured meats offered at the store but The Spanish Table also provides easy access to essential Spanish chorizo ingredients such as smokey paprika, dried choricero peppers and noras peppers.  If you are looking for other essential cured meat making products try looking at  The more research you do on curing your own meats at home the more you will realize what an amazing resource butcher-packer is.

Perhaps you want to try your hand at making some original recipes.  Well, think about using some of the excellent, hard to find chile pepper varieties offered at The Spanish Table.  Maras and Urfa chile peppers come to us from Turkey with some unique flavors.  Maras has a medium level heat with an excellent fruity, chile pepper aroma.  I recently pulled out a batch of sausage from my curing chamber that had the Maras pepper in it.  The flavor was excellent and the pepper will now be a permanent fixture in my homemade sausage projects.  Urfa on the other hand has a mild heat level with hints of coffee and raisins on the palate.  Adding Urfa to some home cured pancetta blends wonderfully with the natural sweetness of the pork belly.  Pancetta, by the way, is the easiest of all home cured meats to make.  During the winter months a person could easily hang a pancetta in their home kitchen with excellent results.  The Spanish Table has plenty of other peppers and spices worth trying that I have not mentioned as well.

The do-it-yourself food culture is slowly re-emerging here in the U.S.  The knowledge is out there, you just have to do a bit of homework.  Please do not look at these projects as ways to save money on luxury items.  That fact is you really do not save much money if any at all on making your own cured sausages.  The process and outcome simply gives you a sense of satisfaction in creating something unique, something that is really your own.  And often the flavor of the end result is better!

If you like my post and want some help in your own pursuit of cured meats and charcutiere.  Please leave a comment and I will be happy to reply.

Cheers, Rob@tst

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