For the Holiday None-Cook

For those of you that read my wonderful post on Lisset’s amazing turkey recipe, you would have noticed that I have been unable to do much cooking for the holiday in the past few years including this upcoming Thanksgiving.  Instead, I am in charge of coming up with an antipasti plate, or a meat and cheese plate, or if you want to go there, a charcuterie plate.  Even if the plate involves little to no cooking it can be a rewarding process with low hassle.

First off, you can show off your good taste in fine cheeses and cured meats, these things matter.  Secondly, if you are like me and have zero skills in traditional arts such as painting or drawing, the plate gives you a chance to arrange your selection of items in a beautiful yet tasteful manner. Evoking such statements from your fellow holiday party-goers as “what a beautiful presentation you have there, it looks like a piece of art.”  Sad, but comments like these are as close as I will ever get to feeling like a visual artist.  Stick figures and lolly-pop trees are as far as my traditional artistic abilities go.

With all of that said and perhaps a bit more than one would like to hear, I have a list of some great Spanish Table items that will go a long way to making your cook-less holiday season a success.  If you are a bring-the-drinks-only or grab-a-pre-made-pie type of person, my list could really help raise your game for the upcoming holiday season.  People will not even notice that the plate contains zero homemade items. Your beautiful array will simply overwhelm them in flavor.

1 package of Campofrio sliced Spanish Chorizo
1 package of Dona Juana sliced Lomo (cured pork loin)
1 package of 6 month Manchego cheese
1 package of Tetilla cheese, you really need two cheeses
1 package of Spanish white anchovies, your plate needs fish
1 jar of Spanish Table lemon stuffed olives
1 jar of Matiz Artichoke hearts
1 jar of Mustapha’s caper berries
1 jar of Mi Conserva piquillo strips
1 jar of Matiz Piparras
1 can of Athena brand Stuffed grape leaves

If you want to send your antipasti over the top you need a great serving dish. Le Souk ceramics sold at the Spanish Table offer a stellar selection of large serving platters. The Platters also make a wonderful gift for those who love to entertain guests.

This guy’s stove might be resting on Thanksgiving 2010.  Who cares with a tasty antipasti plate nearby to snack on with a nice red to sip.  I will have more time for eating and relaxing as I sit watching my Detroit Lions play less than inspiring football.

Cheers and Happy Holidays, Rob@TST

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