Who’s talking about Zursun beans

An excerpt from Zursun Idaho Heirloom Beans: Bean Cultivation & Global Grains newsletter that gives The Spanish Table’s history in a nutshell…

Who’s talking about Zursun beans

Steve Winston, owner of The Spanish Table stores in Seattle, Berkeley, Mill Valley, and Santa Fe is a brilliant retailer with an amazing knack for success. Steve’s idea for a food business started percolating after he and his wife traveled to Spain in 1985. They both loved the Spanish food so much they decided, after Steve’s “retirement,” to launch a shop specializing in the wonderful edibles they enjoyed in Spain (and couldn’t find for purchase in the US). That, in a nutshell, is how in 1995 the delightful Spanish Table stores were born.

According to Steve, The Spanish Table’s unique niche has helped him compete with larger retail establishments. He stays ahead of his competition by being a Spanish food expert (writing a cookbook helped); finding the most authentic Spanish food and tableware available; and creating an awesome shopping experience that includes appealing wood displays (as many at eye level as possible) to merchandise his products.

Steve has been selling Zursun heirloom beans at his stores for the past ten years. His best selling legumes include: Spanish Pardina lentils, Christmas limas and Flageolet . One of his favorite Spanish dishes, Fabada, is a hearty stew commonly eaten for lunch in Spain. Typically served as a starter before the ‘main’ course of meat, the soup is made with dried large white beans, shoulder of pork or bacon, chorizo, and often saffron. Steve loves using extra-large and creamy Zursun White Emergo beans for Fabada.

If you don’t live near one of Steve’s stores, but want to learn more about his marvelous selection of Spanish foodstuffs, cookware, books, music and wine visit The Spanish Table Web site and put together a feast!

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