Mi Conserva Foods

Mi Conserva Foods
Piquillo peppers stuffed with either cod and prawns, hake and prawns, or albacore tuna can make a lovely picnic accompaniment or instant dinner tapa! 7.94 oz. $5.99.

Try stuffing Piquillo peppers yourself. Chef José Andrés recommends stuffing them with the raw sheep’s milk cheese Roncal before searing them in a pan with olive oil until the cheese melts. For a complete recipe see his book Made In Spain: Spanish Dishes For The American Kitchen $35 hardback.
Mi Conserva Quality Piquillo peppers from Spain: 6.52 oz. $2.99 or 13.76 oz. $6.99.

In Spain, a typical side dish is escalivada. The combination of roasted vegetables: eggplant, bell peppers, and onion are simple yet tasty.
Mi Conserva Escalivada 11.29 oz. $5.99.

Brava Sauce is what makes the tapa Patatas Bravas “brava” or fierce. I like to roast small potatoes in olive oil, or duck fat if I have any on hand, salt them plenty, and make crossing lines of Brava Sauce and Ali Oli. Just set a bowl out with some toothpicks and watch them disappear in seconds! Mi Conserva Brava Sauce 12.51 oz. $1.99.

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